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Wrinkles, dark spots and skin with sun blemishes

What is sun blemishes

Photoaging or sun blemishes of the skin is an inevitable process.  It affects everyone because the skin is exposed to sunlight and other solar rays from the time of birth (wrinkles age). The sun rays are examples of what physicists call electromagnetic radiation and, by definition, when they strike and penetrate the skin, they transfer their energy to the cells of the epidermis and dermis, which has both positive and negative effects. Ultraviolet rays cannot be seen or felt, but they are the most dangerous because they are charged with so much electromagnetic energy that they can destroy cells or damage their genetic patrimony (DNA). The continuous exposure of particularly the face and the back of the hands to ultraviolet rays leads to their early aging, which, as light and not the passing of the years cause it, is more precisely called Photoaging.

The most visible signs of Photo-aging are melanosis (or sun  dark spots), wrinkles and keratosis. These signs, which are not seen on parts of the body protected from the sun (usually the buttocks), bear witness to the damage caused to epidermal cells by ultraviolet rays.

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What to do

In order to slow down the process or reduce the signs of Photo-aging or sun blemishes, the easiest and most effective non-invasive treatment is Micropeeling, which consists of applying non-irritating concentrations of exfoliating agents to the affected skin. This accelerates the detachment and replacement of skin cells, which means that the less active cells damaged by the sun are replaced by more active cells capable of generating a more compact skin, with fewer sun spots, wrinkles and keratoses.

Micropeeling involves the evening application of  FACE GLYCOCREAM to clean skin without any make-up. All of the face should be treated (except for the eyelids) by rubbing in only a small amount of cream. A pricking or itching sensation may be felt at first, but it disappears within a few minutes.

After applying FACE GLYCOCREAM, the face should not be rinsed and no other products should be used.

Micropeeling tends to make the skin drier than normal and so, in order to prevent it from becoming too dry, CLEANSING CREAM should be used for washing and removing make-up, and NOURISHING CREAM applied in the morning. Make-up should be based on the use of coloured compact face powder applied with a brush in order to avoid blocking transpiration with foundation cream.

Micropeeling with FACE GLYCOCREAM is suitable for people aged 40 years or more; younger people can use GLICOSAL LOTION.

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