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Varicella and zoster

What is it

Varicella (chickenpox) and Herpes zoster or St. Antony’s fire are caused by the Varicella zoster virus.
In children this virus causes chickenpox, the symptoms are fever and exanthema consisting of itchy blisters that evolve into pustules and spread cover the entire body, including the mouth and scalp.
In the case of Herpes zoster, the vesicular exanthema runs along the nerve pathways and only appears on one side of the body.

What to do

Treatment is generally by means of antiviral drugs but the conditions are frequently not treated at all because both also disappear spontaneously.
ASTRINGENT GEL is used for local treatment, reduces the blisters because of its astringent action, and simultaneously soothes the itching/burning that accompanies their breaking.
Furthermore, the antiseptic power of ASTRINGENT GEL prevents the blisters from becoming infected.
Using ASTRINGENT GEL thus reduces the risk of scarring after the two diseases.

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