lubrificante vaginale
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Vaginal lubricant

What is a vaginal lubricant

Vulvar lips are similar to the lips of the mouth, they also represent the boundary between the outer skin and the mucosa of the vagina.

Even vulvar lips can suffer of dryness. During sex the apocrine glands activate and start secreting a greasy and viscous fluid. These glands aren’t active every time and especially not in every women, apocrine glands stop working after menopause. The dryness of the vulvar lips and therefore of the vagina is the first cause of discomfort or pain in sexual intercourse up to the impossibility or rejection of it.

What to do

For vulvar and vagina dryness or irritation, especially due to frequent washing with aggressive detergents, the use of synthetic clothing or the contact with the pad during the period it is useful to apply LIPLAP to make the mucosa soft and allow sexual intercourse without discomfort or pain. LIPLAP is water free so it doesn’t have antimicrobial preservatives and it is fat free so it does not contain antioxidants. It is also free of emulsifiers.
For these reasons the product LIPLAP is suitable to come into contact with the vulvar and vaginal mucous membranes without causing redness or irritation.

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