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Sun protection

What is it

Sun protection – photoprotection – prevents skin damage caused by ultraviolet rays relesed by the sun. Ultraviolet rays are cause of sunburns, skin aging and, expecially in pale-skinned people, may induce skin cancer.
The skin can be protected by covering it with clothing, hats and sunglasses.
Applying creams on the skin is also recommended but sometimes they can contain chemical filters which can be absorbed by the skin and damage it because of the toxicity of the chemical filters themselfs.
Protection can rather be done with natural mineral solar reflectors such as clays, kaolin, bentonite, mica, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. This substances are capable of absorbing some of the ultraviolet rays, furthermore they do not get absorbed by the skin and therefor are not toxic.

What to do

Most dermatologists now think that the use of photoprotective creams should be limited, especially in the case of children, and that it is healthier to cover the skin with clothing and expose it to the sun for less time.
Areas that can not be protected with clothing can be anyway protected by using a natural mineral solar reflector such as SUN CLAY, with its medium protection.
Also when there is no particular dermatological reason for avoiding the sun but you would like to have some protection anyway, you can use LENITIVE CREAM. This vaseline-free and perfume-less cream contains two minerals that provide low-level protection, zinc oxide and magnesium silicate, and has a soothing and astringent action that avoids reddening.

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