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Solar erythema

What is it

Solar erythema is due to excessive exposure to sunlight (or a UV lamp), and is caused by the UVB band of the ultraviolet radiation emitted by the sun.
UVB rays kill the cells of the epidermis (keratinocytes) and induce the release of many inflammatory factors, which give rise to the reddening and itching we perceive.
Solar erythema is therefore inflammation caused by the UVB rays rather than the heat of the sun.
If the erythema is followed by the appearance of blebs, it is called sunburn.

Eritema Solare
Eritema Solare
Eritema Solare

What to do

LENITIVE CREAM relieves the burning and itching, whereas cortisone (which blocks the processes of skin repair), ice (which causes further skin damage due to the cold), and strong astringents such as lemon (which favour the onset of blebs) should be avoided.
Once the reddening has disappeared, the skin remains dry and may peeling, and so it is useful to start applying EMOLLIENT CREAM.

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