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Skin ulcers

What is it

Skin ulcers, which are as frequent as they are disabling, are formed when the skin is insufficiently nourished as a result of problems affecting the blood vessels; they are often painful, and sometimes difficult to treat.
In addition to treatments aimed at resolving the problems leading to their formation, the skin ulcers themselves need to be carefully treated bearing in mind that the skin will do everything it can to heal itself and that any medication should simply be aimed at facilitating the process.

What to do

Skin ulcers are medicated by cleaning them using an antiseptic in an aqueous solution. The antiseptic must be a non-irritant such as benzalkonium, whereas chlorine-containing antiseptics or oxygenated water should be avoided because they irritate the skin and increase the pain.
The ulcer should then be covered with a cotton gauze dressing covered in PEG BALM.
The gauze will protect the ulcer from the outside environment while allowing the skin to breathe.
The PEG BALM ensures that the gauze does not stick to the ulcer while simultaneously absorbing the exudates and preventing bacterial infection.

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