Macerazione ai Piedi
Skin problems, Skin problems: Feet

Skin maceration of the feet

What is it

Skin maceration of the feet occurs as a result of simultaneous heat, sweating and a lack of transpiration, such as when wearing shoes that do not allow the feet to breathe, after a long walk or run, or simply when you find yourself in a country with a hot and humid climate.
The macerated skin peels and immediately becomes infected, and the infection causes skin digestion that leaves a damp erosion.

Macerazione ai Piedi

Recommended products

Lenitive cream


Astringent gel


What to do

One remedy for maceration is ASTRINGENT GEL.
This gel, containing aluminium chloride, acts as both an anti-perspirant and an antiseptic agent, thus allowing the re-epithelialisation of the skin.
If the maceration has occurred between the toes, these should be separated by cotton gauze after applying ASTRINGENT GEL in order to allow air going through.

In order to prevent maceration, before going on a long walk or when staying in a country with a hot and humid climate, use ASTRINGENT GEL as an anti-perspirant in the evening and then, before putting on your shoes, apply LENITIVE CREAM as an absorbent and anti-friction agent.