Irritazione della pelle da rasatura a lama
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Skin irritation caused by shaving

What is it

Wet shaving can cause unpleasant irritation on the face of men with delicate skin: redness and dryness accompanied by a sensation of itching or burning.

Irritazione della pelle da rasatura a lama

What to do

We suggest that men with delicate skin should use CLEANSING CREAM, which is gentler than traditional shaving foams. After wetting the face with lukewarm water, CLEANSING CREAM should be massaged into the skin of the bearded area until the hairs have softened. This allows the blade to slide more easily, which reduces friction and therefore the irritation caused by shaving. After shaving, the skin should be thoroughly rinsed and dried, and then covered by a thin layer of ASTRINGENT GEL which, in addition to its antibacterial action, will also stop any bleeding caused by small cuts.
Ten minutes later, EMOLLIENT CREAM can be used to soften the skin.

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