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Seborrheic (oily) skin of the face

What is it

Seborrheic (oily) skin is a particular type of skin in which the sebaceous glands are very active. It is most noticeable on the face, particularly the forehead. The skin looks thick and shiny, is often flushed, and is characterised by dilated pores, blackheads and microcysts.
Seborrheic skin is an often-familial aesthetic disorder, which, contrary to common belief, is not influenced by dietary factors.

Pelle Seborroica al volto

What to do

In addition to drugs, it can be treated by means of micropeeling with GLICOSAL LOTION, which reduces its shiny appearance, eliminates the blackheads and microcysts, and induces the regression of the oiliness and reddening.
In practical terms, the face should be washed in the evening with CLEANSING CREAM, thoroughly dried, and then gently rubbed all over in a circular manner using a cotton make-up removal pad dampened with 7-10 drops of GLICOSAL LOTION until all of the lotion has been absorbed.
Afterwards, it should not be rinsed and no other product should be applied. In the morning, apply LENITIVE CREAM (which absorbs the sebum). For the make-up we recommend the use of CLAY COLOR as a foundation or SUN CLAY as a compact powder. Common foundation and moisturising creams should not be used because they worsen the oiliness of the skin.

Recommended products

Sun Clay

27,00 22,00

Lenitive cream

17,00 14,00

Glicosal lotion

20,00 16,00

Cleansing cream

13,50 11,50

Clay Color

22,00 17,50