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Rosacea flares or couperose

What is it

It’s an aesthetic disorder that causes redness and dilatation of the blood vessels on the cheeks.
The skin is dry, thin, irritable, and does not tolerate common and aggressive detergents.
Rosacea causes sudden redness flushing when going form hot to cold, when embarrassed or emotional, and during digestion.

What to do

Rosacea doesn’t have a specific treatment. Usually gets treated with laser or radiofrequences but after a temporary improvement it actually gets worse.
To reduce redness flushing use LENITIVE CREAM that has astringent and photoprotective properties.
Use CLEANSING CREAM for washing and removing make-up so that the skin doesn’t get irritated.
For the make-up we recommend CLAY COLOR as a non occlusive foundation and SUN CLAY as a natural mineral  powder that also protects from the sun.

Recommended products

Sun Clay

27,00 22,00

Lenitive cream

17,00 14,00

Cleansing cream

13,50 11,50

Clay Color

22,00 17,50