psoriasi al capillizio
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Psoriasis of the scalp

What is it

Psoriasis is an epidermal growth disorder that can selectively involve the scalp.
In this case, it leads to the formation of frequently inflammatory and itchy plaques of thickened skin, which can release silver-white flakes of dandruff.

psoriasi al capillizio

What to do

The most appropriate topical treatment for scalp psoriasis is based on the use of natural reducing agents: i.e. non-pharmaceutical active ingredients capable of reducing psoriatic plaques, such as sulphur and salicylic acid.
Massage 2S CREAM well into the plaques in the evening in order to ensure that it fully penetrates the layers of skin of which they are made. The following morning, wash your hair using DERMICTIOL SHAMPOO, taking care not to detach the plaques with your fingers because this will cause inflammation and encourage the formation of further plaques.
If the plaques are very thick and adherent, it is possible to do the following.
In the morning of a non-working day, abundantly massage EMOLLIENT OINTMENT EXTREME all over your head and leave it to act for the rest of the day; in the evening, without washing your hair, apply 2S CREAM and rub it well in. Wash your hair the following morning using DERMICTIOL SHAMPOO.
This favours the softening and detachnent of the plaques.

Recommended products

Cream 2S – with sulfur and salicylic acid


Dermictiol cream


Emollient ointment extreme