sudore dei piedi
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Plantar excessive sweating

What is it

The soles of the feet together with the palm of the hand are areas that contain a lot of ​​sweat glands that remove water in the form of sweat to cool the skin for heat loss.
Sweating on the feet gets worse when it is hot or when the foot is forced into shoes that are not very breathable.
There is also sweating due to the emotional state, called precisely emotional sweating. This sweating occurs on subjects under emotional stress.
Or some subjects constitutionally have abundant sweating on their feet.
This causes maceration of the skin especially between the toes and promotes bacterial or fungal infections.

sudore dei piedi

What to do

To fight perspiration or foot perspiration and the consequences of it, in addition to the use of shoes and breathable socks, we recommend the application of ASTRINGENT GEL made of Aluminum Chloride, which is able to temporarily stop sweating without damaging the sweat glands and also has an antibacterial action.
In cases of intense perspiration ASTRINGENT GEL can be applied more than once a day.

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