Dermatite periorale
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Perioral dermatitis

What is it

As its name suggests, perioral dermatitis is characterised by erythematous papules and sometimes folliculitis (boils) that typically appear around the mouth. It is frequent in young women.
Perioral dermatitis has no known cause. It sometimes appears after the use of cortisone, which, in any case, should not be used to treat it. It tends to be chronic, with periods of exacerbation alternating with others of apparent remission.

Dermatite periorale

What to do

To treat it, apply a small amount of 2S CREAM in the evenings and rub it well in.
As far as make-up is concerned, foundation cream should be avoided in favor of face powders applied with a brush such as SUN CLAY. This compact powder avoids skin redness caused by sun rays.
For removing make-up and washing, use CLEANSING CREAM.

Recommended products

Clay Color (8,5gr)

22,00 17,50

Sun Clay

21,50 17,00

Cream 2S – with sulfur and salicylic acid

17,00 14,00

Cleansing cream (200ml)

13,50 11,50