Micosi tra le dita dei piedi
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Mycosis between toes

What is it

Although it is also known as athlete’s foot, this form of mycosis does not only affect athletes but is now common among men and women in general.
It is caused by various dermatophytes that can be picked up by walking barefoot on the ground or caught from other people in public places.
It mainly appears in the last two gaps between the smallest toes because less air circulates between them, and they tend to remain damp after washing or practicing sport.
When the toes are spread apart, it is possible to see a white area of macerated skin that has an unpleasant acrid smell.
Athlete’s foot is not only unpleasant and contagious, it is also a potential health risk because the fungus digests the horny layer between the toes and causes cracks that let bacterial infections affect the legs (erysipelas) or the entire body.

Micosi tra le dita dei piedi

What to do

It can be treated by applying 2S CREAM between the toes until the white maceration, cracking and smell has disappeared.
As mycosis between the toes tends to relapse very frequently, it is also worth taking the following preventive action:

  • Wash your feet using CLEANSING CREAM, which does not remove the skin’s natural defenses;
  • Dry the spaces between your toes carefully after washing;
  • Do not wear socks made of synthetic fibers;
  • Do not wear (or at least not for long) shoes made of synthetic materials that prevent the feet from breathing;
  • Apply 2S CREAM between the toes after any sporting activity (running, swimming, exercising in the gym, etc.) and after taking a shower.

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