sensitive skin
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Make-up removal on sensitive skin

Removing make-up is stressful  when your skin is sensitive and the use of common and aggressive detergents makes it worse.
Some dermatitis can be caused by the use of this aggressive detergents, especially in the face area where the skin is very delicate.
Common detergents remove make up but leave a thin layer of petrolatum or silicon that irritates the skin, also they make the skin dry.
Using micellar water instead leaves traces of surfactant also bad for the skin.

sensitive skin

What to do: make-up removal with Emollient Cream

We recommend the use of EMOLLIENT CREAM for sensitive skin, a sufficient amount on a cotton pad has to be massaged on the whole make-up area, then with another cotton pad remove the make-up and cream in excess.
No need to rinse.

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