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Insect bites or stings

What is it

Insect bites or stings are among the most frequent causes of dermatitis.
The most common are mosquito bites, but other insects such as sandflies, horseflies, bed bugs and ticks can also cause skin problems. Furthermore, although rarer, the stings and bites of bees, wasps, hornets, spiders and scorpions are even more dangerous.
Mosquito and sandfly bites cause intense itching, and, in atopical subjects, a pomphus (or swelling) as in urticaria followed by hard and extremely itchy nodules.
Insect bites and stings also cause irritation and insomnia, and scratching them causes impetigo-like skin infections that are very frequent in children.

What to do

In order to reduce itching, prevent swelling and avoid the infection caused by scratching, use aluminium chloride-based ASTRINGENT GEL, which has anti-itching, astringent and antiseptic activity. After applying ASTRINGENT GEL on the bite the itch and swelling disappear.

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