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Inguinal mycosis

What is it

Inguinal mycosis or mycotic intertrigo of the groin or tinea inguinum is one of the most frequent forms of mycosis. It affects more men than women, and appears as a reddening that starts from the inguinal fold and spreads to the inner thigh.
It is increased by dampness remaining in the inguinal fold after washing or as a result of failing to change out of a wet  swimsuit.
It is very frequent among athletes because of their clothing made of synthetic fibres, frequent washing, and sweat.

Micosi Inguinale

What to do

It can be treated using 2S CREAM in two ways: when the mycosis is ongoing, it should be applied once a day until the redness disappears (usually a week or less); or 2S CREAM can be used as a preventive measure when working out at the gym or sharing showering facilities. In order to ensure further protection against mycosis. We also recommend CLEANSING CREAM when washing as it cleans without affecting the skin’s natural protection factors.

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