Macerazione Inguinale
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Inguinal maceration

What is it

The inguinal fold is frequently affected by redness due to maceration of the horny layer.
The maceration can only be caused by the humid heat or by the growth of bacteria with macerating action on the horny layer.
Hot humid environment, obesity, synthetic fiber clothing, too frequent washes, some sporting activities such as cycling and running, wearing wet swimsuits, etc. are some of the causes.
In men  inguinal maceration is more frequent because of the scrotal bag that keeps the area moist.

Macerazione Inguinale

What to do

Inguinal maceration is mainly treated by avoiding the causes that led to maceration, keeping the area dry and applying LENITIVE CREAM that has drying, anti-inflammatory and anti-friction properties.

LENITIVE CREAM is also used as a prevention of maceration by applying it before events that facilitate maceration such as long walks, bike rides, workouts in the gym and so on.

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