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Ingrown hair

What is it

Ingrown hair usually occurs after depilation when, instead of emerging from the hair follicle, the hair grows crookedly and becomes trapped beneath the horny layer.
The trapped hair causes the formation of a pustule, a small abscess, or a cyst.

Ingrown hair are more frequent on the cheeks and around the chin, in the groin, on the legs, or in the armpits.

Peli Incarniti

What to do

To prevent the formation of ingrown hair, use GLICOSAL LOTION, which prevents them from becoming cysts after depilation by thinning the horny layer.

In practical terms, apply LENITIVE CREAM for three consecutive days after depilation in order to heal the inflammation it causes and then, once a day, rub GLICOSAL LOTION on the depilated area for ten or 15 days, the time it takes for a hair to grow out of its follicle.

As soon as this has happened (you can feel it with your fingers), stop the treatment with GLICOSAL LOTION. In the case of an ingrown hair with inflammatory reaction, apply 2S CREAM because its disinfecting and the skin flaking action allows the hair to emerge and soothes the inflammation.

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