Peli Incarniti nell’area della barba
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Ingrown beard hair after shaving

What is it

It sometimes happens that, after shaving, some hair grow into the skin instead of growing outwards. This causes swelling and reddening, and sometimes even infection.

Ingrowing hairs most frequently occur in people with fleshy skin and a thick stratum corneum.

Peli Incarniti nell’area della barba

What to do

In order to make the condition regress, it is suggested to rub GLICOSAL LOTION into the bearded area in the evening. This micropeeling lotion not only makes the stratum corneum thinner (thus making it easier for the hairs to grow outwards), but is also a disinfectant. After shaving, it is a good idea to massage the face with ASTRINGENT GEL and, to make the skin soft, apply EMOLLIENT CREAM 10 minutes later.

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