Herpes Simplex o febbre delle labbra
Skin problems, Skin problems: Lips

Cold sores or herpes simplex

What is it

Herpes simplex Virus (HSV) selectively affects the lips causing epidermal cell death and formation of clusters of blisters. The lips are the affected part of the body, the involvement of the lumbar region or buttocks is also frequent in women.
It manifests itself first as an itching and burning sensation, after which the skin becomes red and swollen and in the end serum-filled blisters appear around lips.
These heal after 7-10 days, but the infection returns under the stimulation of stress (fatigue, menstruation, exposure to the sun, etc.).

Herpes Simplex o febbre delle labbra
Herpes Simplex o febbre delle labbra

What to do

The infection is treated with specific drugs (acyclovir and derivatives), which are also available in cream formulations. However, they only act during the first hours of infection and do not prevent recurrences. MOST ASTRINGENT GEL it is useful for reducing the itching and swelling, thus ensuring that the infection is less irritating and that the sores heal faster without leaving any signs.  ASTRINGENT GEL does not act on the virus itself. ASTRINGENT GEL should be applied a number of times during the day until the infection has disappeared.

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