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Head lice

What is it

Lice are very small insects, one or two millimeters long, that nest on your hair and feed with blood.
They don’t transmit diseases and so are not dangerous but still very annoying causing intense itch, by scratching the scalp to get read of the itch, especially in babies, it can also lead to a skin infection.
Because lice move very fast on your hair they are hard to see but still we can notice bite marks on the neck or the white eggs attached on the hair.


What to do

The majority of lice have become resistant to pesticides making it even harder getting read of them.
Instead of pesticides, which are also toxic, MOST suggests a natural system: PEDICULUS SYSTEM MOST Pedyculus System 1, Hair Lice Remover, dissolves the waxy shell of head lice leading to its death; MOST Pedyculus System 2, Slide-off Conditioner, helps to ease the process of combing out the lice, detangle hair and enhance the combing process.
It does not contain traditional insecticides nor pesticides.
For further informations check on the product description.

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