pitiriasi rosea di gilbert
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Pityriasis rosea or herald patch rash

What is it

Gibert’s pityriasis rosea is an infectious exanthema caused by the circulation of herpetic viruses in the skin (probably herpesvirus VI-VII).
Unlike other forms of infectious exanthema, it is not contagious and does not require any particular treatment.
It appears as variably itching patches of reddened skin mainly on the trunk and arms.

The patches take on a rosy pink colour (from which the disease gets its name), and may be few and difficult to see, or many and highly visible.
In any case, Gibert’s pityriasis rosea has a benign course and spontaneously heals after a month or two, although it may relapse even years later.

pitiriasi rosea di gilbert

What to do

Throughout the exanthema phase, the skin is particularly delicate and easily irritated, and so it is recommended to wash using CLEANSING CREAM and, after washing, apply LENITIVE CREAM in order to reduce the itching and protect the skin.

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