Disidrosi PalmoPlantare
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Feet dyshidrosis

What is it

Dyshidrosis is a form of psoriasis that appears as blisters and scales on the feet. Dyshidrosis is usually itchy.
It gets worse with stress and seasons changing, especially in spring and autumn.

Disidrosi PalmoPlantare
Disidrosi PalmoPlantare

What to do

What should be used to treat dyshidrosis is a natural reducing agent such as ichthyol sulfonate.

The ichthyol sulfonate contained in DERMICTIOL CREAM has a soothing, anti-itching healing action.

DERMICTIOL CREAM should be applied in the evening and rubbed well in until it is completely absorbed.

When dyshidrosis forms scales or hyperkeratosis we recommend the use of 2S CREAM containing colloidal sulfur and salicylic acid. If dyshidrosis creates crackings it is best to use PEG BALM.

Recommended products

Peg balm

24,00 20,00

Cream 2S – with sulfur and salicylic acid

17,00 14,00

Dermictiol cream

17,50 14,50

Cleansing cream

13,50 11,50