feet blisters
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Feet blisters

What is it

Feet blisters are caused by repeated rubbing between the skin and the inside of the shoe.
The rubbing causes the breaking of the bonds between the epidermis and the dermis that causes a separation between the two compartments which then gets filled with liquid (exudate).
They are common when taking long walks or using uncomfortable shoes.
They can also be caused by sweating and moisture.
When the blister pops it is very painful especially when walking on it.

feet blisters

What to do

How to prevent them

Before a long walk, a run or wearing tight shoes, you must apply LENITIVE CREAM on the skin.
This has two functions: to absorb the moisture of the foot keeping it dry and to prevent frictions.
The anti-friction action is done by mineral powders, Zinc Oxide and Magnesium Silicate, which allow the sliding between skin and other surfaces.

Taking care of blisters

If the blister has been formed and then broken, healing must be encouraged by applying PEG BALM.

Recommended products

Peg balm


Lenitive cream