glicocrema viso esfoliante
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Face, neck and cleavage rejuvenation

What is the neck, face and cleavage rejuvenation?

The rejuvenation of the face neck and cleavage is the application at nighttime of a cream with exfoliant properties. Increasing of the outer layer skin cell renewal will force the skin cells to regenerate faster while stimulating the slowing down of the physiologic aging of the skin. The described process of face, neck and cleavage rejuvenation is known as Micro peeling.

Micro peeling versus Strong peeling

Strong peeling

Commonly, the peeling are performed with strong acids that will destroy skin cells trying to obtain a stronger and faster cell regeneration in the attempt of eliminate scars, blemishes and other skin defects. After repeated peelings with strong acids the skin will undergo an irreversible and premature ageing.

Micro peeling

Micro peeling, contrary to Stron peeling, uses a low concentration acids that act only on the “stratum corneum” or the outer layer of the skin. The stratum corneum is made of keratin lamellae (thin disks or scales) therefore the live skin cells underneath will not be damaged.
The natural process of desquamation causes the detachment of nearly 10 thousand lamellae from our body, every day. Of course the lamellae need to be replaced and the process of speeding up the process of desquamation initiating the proliferation of new cells was already know many years ago.
Since the new cells will require more nourishment, the cell regeneration will increase blood flow in the skin resulting in a better complexion, brightness and firmness of the skin.

glicocrema viso esfoliante

What to do for face, neck and cleavage rejuvenation

The optimal and less invasive treatment for face rejuvenation is Micro peeling, which consist on the application of a cream containing a mix of smoothing agents, Glycolic Acid and Salicylic Acid in an optimal and non irritant concentration. The compound will initiate and speed up the desquamation and cell regeneration, therefore the less active cells with a reduce metabolism, due to their age, will be replaced by the new, younger ones that will generate a more compact skin with a regular frame and less wrinkles.

How to apply face Glycocream

Micro peeling is performed with the application of Face Glycocream on face, neck and cleavage avoiding the eyelid area. The skin needs to be clean and free of grease and make up. The cream needs to be applied in a a small amount and massage until absorption at bed time, it is in fact at night time that cell regeneration and DNA repairing occurs. After application no other products should be applied and no rinsing should be done.

Micro peeling downside

One of the downside of Micro peeling is the drying out effect of the skin that can be counteracted with the use of Cleansing Cream to remove make up and general cleansing of the skin, followed by the application of Face Glycocream. In the morning Nourishing Cream should be applied to replenish the skin of natural oils. It is strongly recommended not to use an antiperspirant, full coverage foundation that will get absorbed into the skin contributing to ageing, whereas mineral foundation such as Clay Color will let the skin breathe. Lastly, due to the chemicals in sunscreens, it is recommended to use Sun Clay, a natural sun reflecting powder made of natural clays. Micro peeling with Face Glycocream is suitable for people of 40 years old and over, while the younger subject can use Glicosal Lotion.

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