Dermatite delle palpebre
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Eyelids dermatitis

What is it

It is an inflammatory reaction that manifests itself suddenly with redness, itching, wrinkling and desquamation of the eyelids both superior (more frequent) and inferior.
It occurs in individuals who suffer from Atopic Dermatitis, Atopic Conjunctivitis or who are atopic.
The main cause is repeated contact with water, soaps / detergents / shampoos.
Other causes are  the application of cosmetics, the wet environment, the change of season, psychophysical stress.
The humidity of the water mixed with traces of soap / detergent / shampoo causes irritation before of the fold and then of the entire eyelid.

Dermatite delle palpebre

What to do

As soon as it appears, it is necessary to stop the washing immediately.
It is important to prevent the eyelids from coming into contact with water and soap / detergent / shampoo.
The purpose is to make the eyelids completely dry and then start the desquamation and renewal of the cells. In this way the healing of dermatitis occurs spontaneously, usually in 15/20 days.
In case of intense itching and swelling it is possible to apply LENITIVE CREAM made with zinc oxide and magnesium silicate. The application should be in the evening with just a little bit of product and a lot of massage.
Eyelid dermatitis tends to come back especially in predisposed subjects.
For the prevention of dermatitis and relapses it is necessary to wash the face and / or remove make-up avoiding aggressive detergents including the so-called Detergent Milk. We recommend the use of CLEANSING CREAM both for washing and removing make-up.
After each wash it is necessary to dry the eyelids with care to remove humidity.

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