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Erythrasma or dermatitis of skin folds

What is Erythrasma or infection of skin folds

Erythrasma is the name given to an infection that affects skin folds (armpit, groin, under a breast, etc.) and appears as dark or reddish patches. It is believed to be due to the excessive growth of a bacterium called Corinynebacterium minutissimum.

Erythrasma is difficult to distinguish from other skin fold infections such as the mycotic intertrigo caused by dermatophytes or Candida spp.

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How to get rid of skin folds superficial infection

All skin fold infections regress after the use of 2S CREAM.

2S CREAM is a vaseline-free sulfosalicylic cream that acts against many micro-organisms, including fungi and yeasts. 2S CREAM should be applied preferably in the evening, using a small amount and rubbing it in for a long time.

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