cute secca infantile
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Dry skin

What is it

Dry skin (cutaneous xerosis in medical terms) may be a constitutional characteristic, a consequence of Atopic Dermatitis. Dry skin can also cause itching, reddening and desquamation.

In children the main reason for dry skin could be the washing. Children’s skin suffers from the use of detergents and soaps. Also in children sebaceous glands aren’t yet active so the skin is physiologically dry.


cute secca infantile
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What to do

In order to treat dry skin, the first thing is to stop using foamy soaps and cleansers, which remove natural oils, and use the non-foaming washing creams CLEANSING CREAM. After washing and drying, apply EMOLLIENT CREAM. Moisturizing cream instead should be avoided as badly tolerated by children’s skin.

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