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Skin problems, Skin problems: Feet

Dry skin of the feet

What is it

Dry skin (cutaneous xerosis in medical terms) on the feet may be a constitutional characteristic, it is frequent in old people.
Various drugs, such as antihypertensive agents, diuretics, chemotherapeutic drugs or “targeted” therapies, can also cause dry skin.
Feet skin, such as hands’, is subjected to seasonal changing and becomes drier during the winter or long exposures to cold.

pelle secca piedi

What to do

In order to treat dry skin of the feet, the first thing is to stop using foamy soaps and cleansers, which remove natural oils, and replacing them with the non-foaming CLEANSING CREAM.
After washing and towel drying, apply EMOLLIENT CREAM if the skin is slightly or moderately dry or EMOLLIENT OINTMENT EXTREME if the dryness is marked.

Recommended products

Nourishing cream

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Cleansing cream

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Emollient ointment extreme

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