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Dry skin of the legs

What is it

Legs and feet are often dry and chapped. The main reason of this dryness is linked to bad blood circulation because of the remoteness of legs and feet from the heart.
The feeling is usually wrinkled at the touch and the skin gets desquamated.
In very serious cases dry skin can be cause of cracks on the horny layer with reddening, itching and burning sensation..

pelle secca gambe

What to do

To fight dry skin on legs common detergents should be avoided and CLEANSING CREAM, a non foaming cream, should be used for washing.
After washing we recommend the use of EMOLLIENT CREAM that needs to be well massaged on the skin, but in case of itching and burning sensation its best to use EMOLLIENT OINTMENT EXTREME, once the itching disappears it can be replaced by EMOLLIENT CREAM.

Recommended products

Nourishing cream


Cleansing cream


Emollient ointment extreme


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