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Dry skin of the face

What is it

The skin of the face counts many sebaceous glands that are responsible for the natural protection against dryness. However, some individuals show a very poor sebum production and generally sebaceous glands are few or absent in the cutanous districts of eyelid and eye socket.
Therefore, dryness on the face it is not a frequent event although it can occur due to cosmetic treatments or in subjects suffering from atopic dermatitis.

pelle secca volto

What to do

In order to treat dry skin, the first thing is to stop the cosmetic treatment that lead to the dryness (if any) and use the non-foaming CLEANSING CREAM both for removing make-up and washing. This Cleansing Cream does not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), it is non foaming, it cleans leaving the skin soft after washing.
After washing and drying, apply EMOLLIENT CREAM in small amount and massage until it has been completely absorbed.
When the skin on eyelid and eye socket is dry, use EMOLLIENT OINTMENT-EXTREME that penetrates the dry skin and helps the water to remain inside the stratum corneum for a longer time, thus restoring its lost plasticity and favouring its smoothness.

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