Dermatite Secca con Fissurazioni
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Dry cracking skin dermatitis or pathological dryness

What is it

Dry dermatitis with cracking is considered an extreme case of dry skin in which the pathological dryness is associated with cracking of the horny layer. The linear cracks usually appear on legs, arms, fingers or toes and are due to an extreme lack of water and lipids in the horny layer.
The causes are dietary deficiencies, poor blood circulation, and the use of some drugs such as the modern anti-cancer agents that block cell growth (target therapy).
The dermatitis is very itchy and sometimes painful.


Dermatite Secca con Fissurazioni

What to do

In addition to medical provisions, healing is favored by washing the body with CLEANSING CREAM and then applying EMOLLIENT OINTMENT EXTREME, because this rehydrates the skin and restores the lost lipids.
If the skin is highly inflamed and itchy, it is necessary to use DERMICTIOL CREAM instead of EMOLLIENT OINTMENT EXTREME as it has a healing anti-inflammatory and anti-itching action.
In order to maintain the results once the dry dermatitis with cracking has regressed, continue washing with CLEANSING CREAM and applying EMOLLIENT OINTMENT EXTREME.

Recommended products

Dermictiol cream


Cleansing cream


Emollient ointment extreme