Labbra secche e screpolate
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Dry and chapped lips

What is it

Some people suffer from dry and chapped lips in every season (hot or cold). This people can develop cracks and cuts with bleeding.
Lip balms are mainly made of vegetal fats, vaseline and paraffin. This products are antiperspirant and the extended use can irritate the lips and not solve the problem.

Labbra secche e screpolate
Labbra secche e screpolate

What to do

To make your lips soft and avoid cracking we recommend the use of self-moisturizing ointments that are able to keep the water inside the lips and to avoid the evaporation of it, so lips can remain hydrated.
LIPLAP has been created with the purpose of avoiding crackings and cuts meanwhile leaving lips soft and smooth. It is free of Vaseline, preservatives, colorants and fragrances.

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