nappy rash
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Dermatitis due to diapers – Nappy Rash

What is a nappy rash

When in babies the diaper area gets reddened and it burns it is called nappy rash. It can be due to the use of aggressive detergents or creams, or also simply the fact that the diaper isn’t changed as often as needed.

Dermatite da Pannolino

What to do

Instead of using aggressive detergents to clean the skin when changing the diaper, use CLEANSING CREAM, a cream that doesn’t remove protection factors produced by the skin itself, keeping it soft.
After cleaning you need to apply a protective and astringent cream such as LENITIVE CREAM. It is best to avoid protective creams full of fats and Vaseline or mineral oils.
The diaper has to be changed often also because traces of urine and feces together with the heat in the diaper area may cause growth of acidifying bacteria that burn and irritate the skin.

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