Dermatite da Detergente
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Dermatitis due to detergents

What is it

Dermatitis due to detergents looks like aquagenic dermatitis. Some industrial (and even some domestic) detergents contain protein-digesting enzymes that are also capable of attacking human skin.
This means that the damage due to repeated and inadequately protected contact with detergents can sometimes reach the point of detaching the entire horny layer and opening up painful rhagades (deep cracks or splits).

Dermatite da Detergente

What to do

Dermatitis due to detergents is treated by avoiding contact with water until the rhagades have healed and the horny layer has been regenerated. Apply DERMICTIOL CREAM in the evening to reduce the burning and help the healing process and, in the morning, EMOLLIENT OINTMENT EXTREME in order to protect the skin throughout the day.
Once the skin has healed and the dermatitis has regressed, it is necessary to continue protecting the hands from contact with detergents and apply EMOLLIENT CREAM frequently.
To minimize the damage caused by the cleansers used for personal hygiene, use CLEANSING CREAM and DERMICTIOL SHAMPOO, both of which have been developed in such a way as to ensure they do not damage the skin (or the environment).

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