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What is it

Dandruff is the visible desquamation of the skin in the form of silver-white flakes. Desquamation happens all of the time but is usually invisible because the flakes are too small to be seen, instead dandruff consists of small or large flakes.
Dandruff with small flakes (similar to flour) is typical of people whose scalp and hair are dry, whereas dandruff with large flakes (similar to grated cheese) is typical of people with oily skin, or who are affected by seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis.

Dandruff of the scalp bothers because it is visible and because it can cause itching.


What to do

In order to treat dandruff, the first thing to do is to was your hair using DERMICTIOL SHAMPOO.
This foamless shampoo is formulated using ingredients that are capable of cleaning the hair without irritating the scalp. Furthermore, as it contains ichthyol sulfonate, it has a soothing and reducing action on the skin.
In order to obtain the best results using DERMICTIOL SHAMPOO, wet your hair, pour a little DERMICTIOL SHAMPOO onto your hand and rub the shampoo only on your hair, avoiding any friction on the scalp. Rinse and, if necessary, repeat. Dry your hair with a cotton sponge towel.
If the dandruff sticks to the scalp, do not try to detach it during the shampoo but apply 2S CREAM in the evening and, the following morning, wash your hair as described above. The scales will detach spontaneously during the washing.
If the dandruff does not stick in scales and does not go away with the use of DERMICTIOL SHAMPOO, it is possible to rub some drops of GLICOSAL LOTION into the scalp in the evening. This lotion helps to ensure that the dandruff does not return.

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