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Cradle cap or infantile seborrhea dermatitis

What is it

Cradle cap is very similar to Seborrheic Dermatitis but occurs in the first three or four months of life and then tends to regress spontaneously.
It appears in the form of greasy yellowish scales that stick closely to the scalp and hair, and cannot be removed.
The eyelids are also sometimes affected.
Cradle cap is probably caused by residual maternal hormones that over-stimulate the skin and glands; it tends to regress spontaneously.

Crosta Lattea

What to do

While awaiting this regression, it is advisable to use a reducing, anti-itch shampoo such as DERMICTIOL SHAMPOO.
It is not recommended to try to detach the scales because this can be painful and may generate further inflammation. Emollient creams and oils are also useless because they do not detach the scales and may worsen the situation.
If the cradle cap does not regress spontaneously, it is advisable to use 2S CREAM, which is vaseline free, and has low concentrations of sulphur and salicylic acid as its active ingredients. If the cream is massaged well into the affected areas and left to act overnight, the scales will come off after washing with Dermictiol Shampoo the following morning.

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