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Coronavirus consequence: cracked hands

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With the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic the WHO and other health organization guidelines suggest washing your hands frequently and for a longer time than usual. When washing hands is not a practical option, they recommend using hand sanitizer or gel compounds with isopropyl or ethyl alcohol. This can develop cracked hands.

The consequences

The consequences of frequent washing and or sanitizing, especially during the dry wintertime, were that an increased amount of people developed hands dermatitis. From mild with redness and dryness to severe with micro fissures and cuts especially in the finger’s joints. When the skin is dry, red and with open wounds is more prone to infections due to the bacteria present on the skin and everywhere.

The development of the so called cracked hands.

Our suggestions and remedies

MOST suggests to care for your skin applying Emollient Ointment Extreme, at night before bed time. This ointment has a very effective moisturizing ability and by not penetrating in the skin allows for a rapid improvement of the dryness and redness, while allowing the skin to heal the small cuts and fissures so that we can proceed with frequent washing or sanitizing.

The concept of self-hydration

Considering that skin dryness is caused by the inability to retain water in the horny layer of the skin and not by the lack of water in the skin, the answer is to apply a product such as the Unguento Emolliente Estremo, which is able to drag the water from the deep layers of the skin to the horny layer and eventually retain the water in place in order to keep the skin hydrated, soft and elastic.

Emollient ointment extreme

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