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Comedonic Skin

What is it

A “comedo” is an accumulation of keratin and lipids at the opening of a hair follicle. More simply called a “blackhead”, it may be due to internal causes, such as hormonal hyperstimulation, or external causes such as the continuous use of cosmetic creams.
Some people (adolescents and adults) have a propensity to develop numerous comedones, particularly in areas of the body that are rich in sebaceous glands, such as the face and trunk. These people are said to have “comedonic skin”.
Comedonic skin is often associated with acneic folliculitis but, regardless of this, it remains an aesthetic disturbance.

Pelle Comedonica
Pelle Comedonica

What to do

To get rid of comedones, it is necessary a micropeeling with GLICOSAL LOTION, which contains low concentrations of glycolic and salicylic acids, and causes the skin to peel without irritating it. In this way, the comedones come to the surface and are then eliminated as a result of desquamation. In practical terms, a make-up removal pad should be moistened with a few (7 to 10) drops of GLICOSAL LOTION and then rubbed gently over the affected skin for a long time. When micropeeling the use of foundation cream or other greasy substances should be avoided, for he make-up we recommend CLAY COLOR as a foundation and SUN CLAY as a compact powder. To remove the make-up and in washing in general we recommend CLEANSING CREAM.

What not to do

Comedonic skin is often treated by means of “facial cleansing”: i.e. a series of actions aimed at eliminating the disturbance, including squeezing the comedo.
Unfortunately, as shown in the illustration, comedones are located so deeply inside the follicle that squeezing is not recommended and, more often than not, such “facial cleansing” leads to few results and a lot of inflammation.

Recommended products

Clay Color (8,5gr)

22,00 17,50

Sun Clay

21,50 17,00

Glicosal lotion (50ml)

20,00 16,00

Cleansing cream (200ml)

13,50 11,50