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Melasma or Chloasma

What is it

This disorder of facial pigmentation is frequent in young women and it is characterised by increased pigmentation.
Instead of being distributed evenly to create a tan, the melanin pigment produced by melanocytes, accumulates in greyish or brown patches of pigmentation on the forehead, cheeks or upper lip.
The main cause of Chloasma or Melasma is stress.


What to do

It is particularly difficult to treat because any skin irritation worsens the pigmentation, which means that it is not possible to use lasers or pulsed light, or treatments based on deep peeling agents or irritating creams.
In order to lighten the Chloasma or Melasma, it is necessary to use the micropeeling technique, which involves gently applying GLICOSAL LOTION all over the face in the evenings.
GLICOSAL LOTION peels the stratum corneum without irritating the skin, thus forcing the skin to regenerate itself and removing the excess of pigment.
The skin becomes lighter slowly, but naturally.
Contrary to popular belief, protective sun creams are useless because the pigment of Chloasma or Melasma is generated even at the highest protection factor, or simply to avoid excessive exposure to direct sunlight.
Any way when exposing to sun we recommend the use of SUN CLAY, a mineral and natural protection.
During mircropeeling treatment, it we suggest the use of CLEANSING CREAM for washing or removing make-up.
As far as make-up is concerned, foundation creams should be avoided, we recommend the use of CLAY COLOR as a mineral foundation.

Recommended products

Sun Clay

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Glicosal lotion

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Cleansing cream

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Clay Color

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