Dermatite Atopica (DA) Infantile
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Atopic dermatitis in children

What is it

Atopic Dermatitis is the cutaneous expression of atopy, and takes the form of dry, itchy and eczematous skin. There is a children and an adult variant.
Children affected by atopic dermatitis cannot tolerate dampness and normal washing, moisturising creams, powders or synthetic fabrics.

Dermatite Atopica (DA) Infantile
Dermatite Atopica (DA) Infantile

What to do

As they cannot tolerate the products normally used for personal hygiene or to relieve eczema, they have to use specific products. MOST has collaborated with dermatologists in developing a series of products that are particularly suitable for children with Atopic Dermatitis.

  • Washing: CLEANSING CREAM, a non foaming cleansing cream for washing that does not make the skin dry or itchy.
  • Hair washing: DERMICTIOL SHAMPOO, a foam-free shampoo containing ichthyol sulfonate (a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-itching substance) that can be immediately rinsed
  • Mild dermatitis with itching: LENITIVE CREAM, an astringent, anti-itching and drying cream containing zinc oxide and magnesium silicate
  • Dermatitis with reddening and itching: DERMICTIOL CREAM, a cream containing ichthyol sulfonate, a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-itching substance
  • Dermatitis mainly characterised by mild dryness: EMOLLIENT CREAM, a softening cream rich in vegetable oils and fats
  • Dermatitis characterised by intense dryness: EMOLLIENT OINTMENT EXTREME, a vaseline-free ointment that is highly moisturising and has an anti-itching effect.

Recommended products

Peg balm

24,00 20,00

Lenitive cream

17,00 14,00

Dermictiol cream

17,50 14,50

Cleansing cream

13,50 11,50

Emollient ointment extreme

20,00 16,00

Dermictiol shampoo

12,50 11,00