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Calluses and Corns

What is it

Calluses or callus form wherever the skin is subject to heavy pressure, such as the feet (which support the entire weight of the body) or the hands of manual laborers.
They therefore represent a defense mechanism of the skin, but they may also become irritating, particularly if the areas of hardened skin start to crack.


What to do

Calluses or callus should be treated by a podiatrist, who may use cutters or gouges to reduce their thickness, or padded insoles to reduce the pressure.
However, in order to reduce and soften hard skin and make it less irritating, it is also possible to apply a micropeeling cream such as GLYCOCREAM+ every day.
Given the hardness of calluses, GLYCOCREAM+ should be massaged in for a long time.
Footbaths with softening salts are of no use.

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