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Callus cracked heels

What is callus cracked heels

In addition to hardening and roughness hyperkeratosis can also manifest itself with callus and fissures of the horny layer. These, commonly called bristles, are very painful and difficult to treat.
It usually occurs people with blood circulation problems or in overweight subjects.


What to do

Phase 1: it is necessary to heal the bristles and so to avoid washing feet with. In this case use a disinfectant of aqueous (non-alcoholic) solution of Benzalkonium Chloride available in every pharmacy.
After cleaning with disinfectant, apply and massage PEG BALM.

Phase 2: apply GLYCOCREAM+ once a day to make the horny layer thinner.
For the washing and cleaning use CLEANSING CREAM.
Prevention actions must be agreed with your doctor.

Recommended products

Glicocream+ for thickened and hardened skin


Peg balm


Cleansing cream