Cattivo odore dei piedi
Skin problems, Skin problems: Feet

Bad smell of the feet

What is it

Bad smell is due to the exaggerated growth of bacteria that degrades the horny layer.
The horny layer consists of lamellae containing keratin which is rich in sulfur and when compressed begins to smell.
Even if you wash your feet frequently the bad smell persists.
Sometimes, together with the bad smell, there is maceration and erosion of the horny layer.

Cattivo odore dei piedi

What to do

In order to eliminate the bad smell, wash the feet with CLEANSING CREAM in the morning and after having thoroughly dried the skin, apply ASTRINGENT GEL and massage.
This product has both anti-perspiration and anti-bacterial properties so after application the foot stays dry, the bacteria do not develop and the unpleasant odor disappears.

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