Cattivo Odore delle ascelle
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Smelly Armpits – how to get rid of underarm odor

Why do armpits smell

Axillary odor is mainly caused by the bacteria present in the armpits, also by sweating and apocrine secretion. Apocrine secretion is due to the presence of apocrine glands in the armpits. When stimulated by the emotions, stress or sexual arousal (or even by the menstrual cycle in women), they produce a dense liquid that is transformed by axillary bacteria into compounds that give rise to an unpleasant, pungent and penetrating odor upon contact with the air.

Cattivo Odore delle ascelle

How to fight body odor

As armpits odor is mainly due to the bacterial degradation of the apocrine secretion, it is necessary to act on the bacteria in order to fight the smell. The growth and development of bacteria in the armpits is above all due to the heat and moisture generated by this part of the body.

In order to fight the bacteria, it is necessary to remove the hair that contribute to maintaining these conditions, reduce the sweating and, and use substances that are active against bacteria.

Aluminium chloride is capable of simultaneously reducing sweating and suppressing bacteria.

In practical terms, axillary odor can be eliminated by removing the hair, washing your armpits with CLEANSING CREAM, applying ASTRINGENT GEL and, if desired, using a perfume that does not irritate the skin or induce a allergy.

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