Dermatite Atopica delle Labbra
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Atopic dermatitis of the lips

What is lip dermatitis

Also known as lip dermatitis or eczematous cheilitis.

Children and adult’s lips are often affected by atopic dermatitis causing dryness, cracking, cuts and itching.
Treatment is usually difficult because of the continuous need of liking the lips caused by the dryness that worsen the dermatitis.
Also lip balms can’t help and make dermatitis worse.

Dermatite Atopica delle Labbra
Dermatite Atopica delle Labbra

How to treat lip dermatitis

To get rid of atopic dermatitis on your lips we recommend:

  • Do not lick the lips
  • Try not to wet the lips while drinking or eating
  • Try not to whet the lips while brushing the teeth
  • Do not use lip balms or lip sticks

We recommend the use of LIPLAP frequently during the day.
LIPLAP is free of fats, preservatives, colorants or Vaseline, it protects the lips  while taking care of dermatitis.

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