Dermatite da Acqua
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Dermatitis caused by water contact

What is Water Dermatitis

Water dermatitis is a form of dermatitis caused by water that appears on areas of the body that are in continuous contact with water or dampness.
It usually affects the hands of people who wash their hands frequently or whose work involves contact with water. It generally appears as rough and dry skin, which looks red and chapped or cracked. It is often itchy and reduces the sensitivity of touch, making movements clumsy.
This dermatitis is caused by water, and even more by detergents, that  remove the factors that hydrate the horny layer.

Dermatite da Acqua
Dermatite da Acqua
Dermatite da Acqua

What to do for Water Dermatitis

To repair the damage, it is necessary to reduce contact with water and detergents as much as possible, and apply EMOLLIENT OINTMENT EXTREME. This ointment is the most powerful rehydration agent known. Once the dermatitis has disappeared, the more pleasant EMOLLIENT CREAM can be used to protect the skin and prevent relapses.
If, in addition to dryness, the dermatitis is characterized by red, itching and cracked skin, use DERMICTIOL CREAM in the evenings (ichthyol sulfonate has a healing and anti-itching action) and EMOLLIENT OINTMENT EXTREME in the mornings.
CLEANSING CREAM should be used for hand washing.

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