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Angular cheilitis or inflammation of the lips

What is Angular Cheilitis

Also known as Perleche, Cheilosis or Angular Stomatitis by dermatologists to define a common disorder: the presence of cracks and redness in the corners of the mouth.
It is more frequent in Atopic subjects, the elderly, people who have the habit of licking their lips or who salivate abundantly during the night, and the wearers of dental appliances, etc.
It is always due to excessive moisture at the corners of the mouth, which favours the development of numerous yeasts and bacteria.


What to do for Angular Cheilitis

Treatment consists in keeping the sides of the mouth scrupulously dry, taking particular care not to lick your lips, and avoiding wetting them when eating, drinking or brushing your teeth.
Healing can be accelerated by applying ASTRINGENT GEL, which favors drying and the consequent disappearance of bacteria and yeasts.
If the cheilosis doesn’t get better proceed using PEG BALM.

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