Acne Rosacea
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Acne rosacea

What is it

Acne rosacea is a particular form of erythematous folliculitis that affects the face (including the eyes) and the upper part of the trunk.
It is often confused with Rosacea (couperose), but the two are not related and their treatment is not the same.
Acne rosacea is characterised by follicular papules or pustules surrounded by an erythematous area; there are none of the comedones that characterise Acne vulgaris.
By squeezing the follicles and sebum in the inflammatory areas and looking at them through a microscope, it is possible to see numerous parasitic Demodex folliculorum face mites with an elongated shape. It is commonly thought that Acne rosacea is caused by the excessive proliferation of these mites in hair follicles.

Acne Rosacea
Acne Rosacea
Acne Rosacea

What to do

Acne rosacea is treated by means of evening applications of 2S CREAM whose sulfur and salicylic acid inhibit the growth of the mites.
It is not necessary to avoid exposure to the sun.

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